2018 Real Estate Market: Things To Expect

The 2018 real estate market is widely expected to register higher property prices. However, there is a lack of consensus on how much the prices will rise. A number of forecasters are convinced that the figures will hit at least 3.65 percent. CoreLogic anticipates an increase of at least 5 percent starting in July 2017 through to July 2018.

Meanwhile, Lawrence Yun who is the Chief Economist at NAR says the number of home sales is more likely to increase by 3.7 percent. The projection translates to total sales of up to 5.67 million. This follows an expected total of 5.47 million in 2017, which represents a 0.4 percent rise (year-on-year) from 2016.

Yun made the announcement at the Association’s Realtors Conference and Expo in Chicago. He also noted that the national median home prices will most likely rise by about 5.5 percent in 2018. Overall, these predictions are being viewed as positive news for real estate consumers.

Yun anticipates a growth of 9.4 percent in the single-family housing market, which translates to an increase of 950,000. Furthermore, the Chief Economist pointed out that the figures still fall short of the 50-year average of 1.2 million starts. This is despite the fact that 2018 forecasts will help alleviate pressure.

Robust starts play a key role in minimizing inventory problems in addition to untenable property prices associated with them.

Mortgage rates

The majority of experts anticipate that mortgage rates will rise in tandem with interest rate hikes. Federal Reserve officials, including Janet Yellen, Jerome Powell and Stanley Fischer have been prepping the market for further rate hikes with at least three expected in 2018. These possible hikes come at the back of three in 2017.

Forecasting the extent of mortgage rate increases is difficult. However, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) recently announced that they foresee the benchmark 30-year rate rising above the 5 percent threshold. MBA expects the increase to take effect by mid 2018.

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