LendPlus Featured on Money Inc.

LendPlus was recently featured in MoneyInc.com in a post titled: “How LendPlus is Changing Accessible Financing for Home Buyers“. Praising LendPlus’ business model, ease of use and industry changing software, Money Inc. recognizes LendPlus as a true leader in lending. With a passion for our customers and a dedication to providing loans in situations that once seemed impossible, LendPlus is proud of the recognition from Money Inc. for the hard work that we are so passionate about.

What Money Inc. Has to Say About LendPlus

Many families dream of owning their own house and having a mailbox they can put their last name on. However, there can be many hurdles along the road home- most notably, qualifying for a mortgage loan. Home financing is often times unavailable. In other instances, mortgage loans are accessible only through interest rates that make home ownership seem financially impossible. For times like these, LendPlus is there. Recently featured in Money Inc., LendPlus has made a name for itself as a go-to solution for achieving home ownership. In helping those who might not otherwise be able to own a home, LendPlus is proudly changing lives one loan at a time.

Who is LendPlus?

LendPlus is a full-service, non-bank direct lender that is passionate about offering affordable mortgage options for families looking to purchase or refinance a home. Fully integrated, LendPlus’ business model includes a non-bank mortgage company, an escrow business, and a realty brokerage firm – each of these components being necessary to make a successful close on a residential property. LendPlus is consistently aiding families in securing a home they can love for life and it offers its customers industry-leading options that can change the game for first-time buyers.

LendPlus is regularly and successfully providing options for its customers. In this way, it rises above industry expectations. Thanks to its cutting-edge software programs LendPlus provides a quick and reliable loan process that sets it apart from its competitors. Both transparent and accessible, LendPlus and its customer care team are leading the way and setting itself apart from the rest.

LendPlus: An Industry Standout

One of the most important aspects of buying a home is finding a team that you can trust. LendPlus strives to be that team for its customers through excellent customer care and 30 years of mortgage experience. Not only is the LendPlus team dedicated to providing high standards of customer care but they also set the bar high for turnaround times. With an industry norm of 45 days to fund a mortgage loan, LendPlus can have a customer’s loan funded within 21 days. In addition, LendPlus operates across 7 states. This gives it plenty of reach to help customers right where they are.

About Money Inc.

Published by the wildly famous Time Inc., Money Inc. is the leading voice of business and finance in our modern world. Since 1972, Money Inc. has covered important topics in personal finance such as investing, savings, retirement and tax issues. From paying for college to improving your home on a budget, Money Inc. is the go-to publication for making the most of your piggy bank and living a life in financial freedom.

LendPlus is proud to be recognized by Money Inc., however, it is even prouder to be recognized by its customers who routinely give us five-star reviews. Praising our staff, experience, and business model, our customers are always ready to tell us what we do best. We’d like to offer Money Inc. and our many amazing customers a big thanks for inspiring us to be the best that we can be. Contact us today and see how we can help you on the journey home.