LendPlus Executive Ty Dewale Featured in Five Hundo Interview

Ty Dewale Five Hundo

LendPlus is a leading non-bank mortgage provider. LendPlus has a reputation for outstanding customer service. They are able to exceed the expectations of their clients in part because of the talent and experience of their team of executives.

One important member of that team is Ty Dewale, the Vice President of Capital Markets at LendPlus. In this role, Dewale is responsible for managing some of the company’s marketing professionals. He also establishes and maintains investor relationships, and manages daily interest rate risk for the entire firm. Dewale has over 15 years of experience in Capital Markets. This includes direct experience with Loan Serving, Underwriting, Credit Risk, Mortgage Operations, Whole Loan Trading, Delivery, and Securitization. He knows what he is doing. He recently sat down with Five Hundo for an interview in order to share what makes working for LendPlus so rewarding.

Five Hundo Interview

According to the interview, Dewale’s favorite aspect of working in the financial industry is that the field is dynamic. The ideas and systems that worked yesterday may not remain the best option today. LendPlus has the support, technology, and environment in place to help even experienced executives, such as Dewale, adapt to the ever-changing marketplace. This allows him to constantly improve himself rather than be content with the successful career he has already had.

This ties directly in with Dewale’s¬†aspiration in life, “to be better than he was yesterday.” His favorite Tony Robbins quote is: “It is not what we get, but… what we contribute… that gives meanings to our lives.” Working at LendPlus allows Dewale to ensure that his contributions remain relevant in a complex field.

About Ty Dewale and LendPlus

Dewale also shares LendPlus’s commitment to placing their clients first. When he gets a little downtime from his numerous responsibilities with the company (and he isn’t watching Peppa Pig with his three children), Dewale watches Rick Santelli’s program on CNBC. The program offers a convenient way to stay informed of all of the goings-on in the financial world. This ensures that Dewale has the knowledge necessary to help LendPlus clients when he returns to the office. This is the kind of dedication borrowers should look for when seeking a home loan.

Dewale also believes that modern technology empowers individuals who want to improve their lives. He describes the internet as a “wonderful” source of information. He also states that Siri is always available to do a lot of the legwork for you. This means that the dream of home ownership is attainable for nearly anyone who puts their mind to it. Dewale himself immigrated to the United States from the United Kingdom in late 1996. His rise to a prominent financial executive is a nice success story that can serve as inspiration for his clients.

About LendPlus

LendPlus is a fully integrated mortgage company. LendPlus offers a variety of mortgage products to help customers reach their home ownership and financial goals. Their technology is among the most advanced in the industry.This allows many loans to be funded in as little as 21 days from the initial application. The company is also completely compliant with all government regulation. They enjoy a rating of A+ from the Better Business Bureau. You can learn more about the company, including how they may be able to help you, on LendPlus.com or by calling 1-800-379-1328.