LendPlus Relaunches Its Corporate Website, LendPlus.com

LendPlus Relaunches LendPlus.com

According to a press release appearing on Yahoo Finance, LendPlus has revamped and relaunched its website. A company spokesperson states that the redesigned site is now more user-friendly and features useful information. The entity is a fully integrated realty service firm that incorporates a realty brokerage unit and a direct mortgage lender.

The LendPlus.com website makes it easier for clients to learn more about service offerings by the company. Visitors can find a wide variety of resources that covers realty brokerage. This information is valuable to people planning to buy their first home or refinance an existing mortgage at a reasonable interest rate.

The website enables potential clients and existing customers to obtain additional help from LendPlus consultants. The team at LendPlus have a vast experience in the field of realty brokerage and mortgage lending.

LendPlus’ website features several calculators, including the mortgage amortization calculator, mortgage payment calculator, rent versus buy calculator, and the annual mortgage amortization calculator. These tools provide a convenient way for clients to establish among other things mortgage payments based on the length of the loan, interest rate, and loan amount.

LendPlus.com Rent Vs Buy Calculator

The calculators also enable clients to determine the amount of money a mortgage requires. The tools take into account monthly expenditures, such as current loans, housing expenses, insurance premiums, and real estate taxes. In addition, individuals can establish the amount they qualify for based on a number of variables, including cash in hand for down payment, annual income, interest rate and length of the loan in years.

LendPlus.com also features customer reviews that help potential clients make an informed decision, with the majority of testimonials expressing gratitude about the friendly service and the straightforward loan application process. Many people are taking advantage of tools and information offered by LendPlus to make the best choices when it comes to mortgage loans and realty brokerage.

LendPlus: Company Profile

LendPlus continues to earn a solid reputation thanks to its great customer service and innovative products with a commitment to helping clients obtain the best deal when planning to buy or refinance an existing mortgage at a lower interest rate. LendPlus executes the mortgage and realty transactions quickly and efficiently to ensure customer satisfaction.

The company enjoys helping people realize their dreams of owning homes. LendPlus’ direct lending service offers loans that are secured by single family residences offering different types of loans. These include USDA loans, Jumbo, GSE Agency conventional loans and FHA, VA.

As a leading non-bank residential mortgage company, the organization is renowned for consistency and speed of approvals. As a result, clients initiate a loan inquiry and obtain a mortgage loan within a 21-day period. It also offers home equity conversion mortgage loans (otherwise known as reverse mortgages).

The spokesperson at LendPlus states that the firm leverages the power of technology to provide great service. The entity uses advanced software to deliver an efficient and transparent loan process. Headquartered in Aliso Viejo, CA, the company is licensed to operate in several states, including Texas, Alabama, Pennsylvania, California, New Mexico, Connecticut, and Maryland. It plans to expand its operations to more areas.

LendPlus executives boast extensive experience in the field of mortgage banking. This allows the organization to offer a superb service to clients around the country. It can dispose or retain its residential mortgages when deemed necessary. The firm achieves this objective through the secondary market.

The aim of the organization to establish a robust risk management culture. For this reason, it implements a strict internal control, compliance and disclosure protocol. This enables the entity to maintain compliance at all times.