Top 3 Reasons to Buy a Home During the Holidays

The holidays are a time for getting together with family, friends and loved ones, and your new home can be a cause to celebrate this season when you let LendPlus assist you in acquiring your real estate dream property. This is the perfect time of year to give yourself the gift of comfort, security and a place to build memories for many more seasons to come.

Here are the top three reasons from the experts at LendPlus, on why you should buy a home during the holiday season.

LendPlus Holiday Homebuying

There is Very Little Competition

If you think that this period is slow for purchasing a house, you are right. However, that does not mean that it’s not the right time to purchase. In fact, this is the ideal time because when the home-buyer market is slower there are some outstanding benefits such as very low competition from competitive buyers and thus less bidding wars, and more power to negotiate price and terms, and there is more time to communicate with your realtor due to the overall decrease in buyer traffic.

Sellers are Eager to Close

The general atmosphere of the holidays lends itself to quiet and less hassle and people as slow down to concentrate on the yuletide festivities. A seller around this time is most likely very eager to close a sale to get on with the business of the holidays and will be more willing to listen to your offer or counteroffer. It’s also well known in the real estate domain, that people selling houses during the holiday season is planning to relocate and would strongly want to sell the property before the year ends and new taxes are payable.

You can use this opportunity to negotiate a deal with the seller that is profitable to both parties, and also lets you walk away with a satisfactory discount on the original asking price.

Your Purchase Will Be More Affordable

Prices in any market are directly dictated by high volume or scarcity. When there is s glut of demand, prices increase. when there is scarce demand, prices decrease. You will find this principle in your favor when buying a house this time of year in terms of the interest rate your purchase will incur. With the slowed demand for houses during the Season, your lender will be offering interest rates to attract more business – these rates are considerably lower than what is offered in other periods just before or after the holidays.

Another plus for your pocket when purchasing a home this time of year is that houses are generally more affordable during the month of December than any other month. Couple these cheaper prices with the season’s lower interest rates that are available and you can walk away with your dream home for the price of your dreams.

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